WordPress + Git = ♡

Failed plugin update? Mistakenly deleted post? Just undo it. Also, painless staging for WordPress (finally!), great backup & team workflows, all powered by Git.

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Jeff Chandler

This could be the next big thing

“a ground-breaking plugin for all developers”
“easy to use testing and staging area and you have a winner”
Torque Mag
“addresses a problem I still haven’t seen anybody solve”
“brings the power — although not the complexity — of version control to WordPress”
“VersionPress is able to produce smaller backup sizes”

The Problem

Possibly the best thing about WordPress is how simple it makes most things. Just a couple of clicks and there you have new plugin installed, a shiny theme activated, that annoying user deleted, and so on. People love this, and we do too.

There's a flip side to it, however. Most actions are irreversible and done straight on the live site, which is dangerous. What if a plugin had a bug? What if you your client did something stupid? These things happen and are unpleasant to deal with.

Meet VersionPress

What it is, in simple terms:

VersionPress keeps historic revisions of everything in a site. It is the undo button for WordPress, allowing you to roll back to any previous state of the site.

But it is even better than your common undo button in a text editor / word processor. You can selectively undo past changes, keeping the newer ones, do painless synchronizations between multiple instances of your site, organize team work, etc.

For nerds / devs:

VersionPress brings the power of Git to WordPress. We version-control both files and the database, in a clever way that is friendly to diffing / merging.

The point is that you can manage your WordPress site in a same way as you do your other software projects. WordPress site is a software project after all and, in our opinion, deserves the same tools & workflows that the rest of the world enjoys.

VersionPress features

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Automatic change tracking

Table of versions

VersionPress creates new version every time something changes on the site, be it new post, plugin update, theme customization or just about anything.

It tracks both files and the database which makes it very powerful.

Undo and Rollback

Revert feature

Returning back to a previous state of the site is as simple as clicking a link in the admin screen.

There are two options – either roll back to a previous state or just undo some specific change(s) from the history.

Selective Undo

Smart undo feature

One of the nicest features: you can selectively undo a change without affecting newer updates.

For instance, you can return to a previous theme while maintaining newer content updates.

Easy staging new in v2

Staging feature

Staging is crucial for reliable updates but has been traditionally difficult to set up and work with. VersionPress makes it painless.

It also facilitates team workflows as it can synchronize mutlitple clones of a site.

Great for backup

Backup feature

VersionPress is extremely space-efficient. A site with hundreds of updates will still usually take just a few MB.

Another great thing is granularity as new "backups" are created after every logical change, not at a fixed time.

Any tools & workflows

Custom workflow feature

No matter how you manage your site, whether through admin screens, WP-CLI or by manually editing the files in an external tool, VersionPress supports that.

Any Git client can be used to work with VersionPress' repository.

Ships as a plugin

Plugin feature

Sounds trivial but is actually a big achievement and tribute to WordPress' extensibility. VersionPress is one of the most complex plugins out there.

Works behind the scenes

Works behind the scenes

You can install and forget VersionPress, it will do its work silently behind the scenes. It will be there when you need it.

Solid internals

Internals feature

Git is one of the best version control systems out there and we're proud to bring its power to WordPress.

Get / Support VersionPress

VersionPress is a major undertaking and the first couple of releases are available through the Early Access Program. You can support us through this program and get access to VersionPress. Please make sure you understand what EAP is.

Try VersionPress before entering EAP: Download 2.2, Installation Instructions

For hosting, we recommend FastComet – SSD cloud hosting with CloudFlare & 24/7 Premium Support.

Early Access

Choose this if you want to support us and have a couple of sites. Regular updates and light support included.

Early Access PRO

Choose this if you want to support us and have 10+ sites. Regular updates and better support included.

Thanks to all our supporters!


Q: Doesn't WordPress already provide version control, like post revisions etc.?

It provides basic content revisions but VersionPress goes far, far beyond that as it versions options, themes, plugins, users, uploads, comments, terms, etc. Those two things are really not comparable and can actually live happily side by side with each other.

Q: Tell me more about the Early Access Program (EAP)

It is a program under which VersionPress will be available for the first few releases. See the key points about it or read about the technical recommendations on our docs site.

Q: Can I try VersionPress before joining the EAP? Is there a demo?

Please contact us below, we will be able to provide the current build.

Q: Who's behind this?

We're a team of developers from the Czech Republic, EU, working on VersionPress relentlessly for the past 2 years.

Q: How can I follow updates?

EAP members get regular updates via email, plus you can subscribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page. We post important updates there.


Email us or use this form. You can also file support issues on GitHub.

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